Naida Heads East

They day is finally here!

The truck arrived late last night and got prepped for a 8am lift onto the trailer.  Mark our phenomenal broker from Capital City was onsite to help facilitate the loading.  Dennis, Naida’s previous owner was on site as well to lend a hand.

Hans from Osprey was also on site to make sure the sections of the hull that were blocked are painted and covered prior to loading.
Mark spent several hours going through the boat making sure she is packed properly for shipment.

After the paint dried the process of loading her onto the low-boy trailer began.  Winston Trucking is handling her transport and the driver was a real pro.  He had her loaded, blocked and secured in no time.

Her 12' beam fit the trailer perfectly, and kept us just under the requirement for flagging vehicles.
Loaded up and ready for the 2,100 mile journey back to Chicago

We can’t wait for her to arrive, the staff at Canal Street Marina have been prepping a river slip for her, we are expecting her to arrive sometime next week, probably on Wednesday.


Thanks again to Mark, Dennis, Hans, and Winston Trucking for all the effort that went into preparing Naida for a safe journey home! 

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