Engine Refit

A few years before I found Naida, her previous owners decided it was time to retire her old, tired Chrysler M-48 engines. After some searching they came across a Monk designed boat (Ed Monk was a well known naval architect in the PNW), the boat, which was originally from Olympia, was now located miles from water in Sparks NV. She still had her original twin Chrysler M-8 Royal engines from 1949 in decent condition. These are massive straight 8 engines originally designed for large sedans, what they lacked in horsepower they certainly make up for in torque. 

The owner of the Monk boat had no plans on re-launching it, in fact he intended to turn the boat into a guest house on his property, so he had no need for the engines inside.

A mobile crane was brought in to remove the engines from the now landlocked Monk boat.
Engines removed and ready for transport back to Olympia

Upon returning to Olympia the engines were refreshed and given a fresh coat of paint.  A Kohler genset was also purchased for Naida and preped for install.  Before dropping in her new power plants the entire bilge was cleaned and painted, she hardly showed her 78 years of age!

Twin Chrysler M-8 Royals and a Kohler genset ready for install
Genset coming in for a landing on the aft deck
First of two engines loaded aboard
The bilge/engine room below the salon was given star treatment before the new power plants went in.

Getting the old engines out, and the new massive replacements in proved to be quite the logistical challenge. The doors on either side of the salon were too narrow to bring engines out/in, so a dolly and track system was built that ran from the salon, aft though the master stateroom and onto the deck.

The genset and engine #1 lined up on the track in the aft stateroom

Overall it was an impressive feat, I wish that I had been there to witness it.  

It has been several years since the refit and the engines and genset function perfectly in Naida, almost like they were originally designed to be there.  We hope for many more years of reliable service, a recent oil analysis of both engines showed they are still in remarkable shape.

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