Bottom Job

Shipping day is just around the corner! Naida is being hauled out a week early so the painters can sand the bottom to remove all the old antifouling and prepare it for several coats of an ablative paint we use here in the great lakes.


The broker and previous owner were kind enough to bring Naida over to Swantown Boatworks for haul out.  This means Naida has left the boat house she has called home for 20+ years for the last time. On to new adventures.

Hans and his team at Osprey Boatworks have been awesome, Naida was hauled out and they started sanding work right away, paint had to wait a few days for a good weather window but they still had it done in time for shipment on the 9th.

We went with Sea Hawk AF-33 for antifouling paint, a base coat of black will serve as a signal coat with a top coat of red.  If you use an ablative paint I highly recommend this method as it gives you visual feedback on the condition of your antifouling.  If you see red, good to go.  If black spots start to appear, it means it’s time to re-apply.  Since Naida will be stored in the water year round this will make it easier to spot check the antifouling during the occasional haul out.

New zincs have also been put on, Naida is equipped with an electro-guard system, however since freshwater is less conductive than salt that system will not function in Chicago.  So we have replaced all the standard zincs with magnesium replacements, Osprey also added shaft and rudder zincs for extra protection.

The paint job looks phenomenal, a big thanks to Hans and his team at Osprey, we are looking forward to seeing it in person next week.

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