Pickup & Topside Stripping

I had been searching for some time now for a vintage wooden runabout, preferably a Chris Craft. In early August 2017 I came across an eBay listing for a 1957 Chris Craft kit boat with a trailer & engine. It was only located about 3 hours from Chicago, after chatting with the seller and setting a price I went to go pick it up that week.

Once back in Chicago I began stripping the deck, trim, and topside paint off. I was expecting much more rot than I found, overall the boat was in very serviceable condition.

Stripping off the topside paint took several days as whoever put it on sure didn’t skimp on material.

The deck was toast, but the underlying frame was very solid, I only had to re-make a few pieces, the majority of the hull is still original.

The plan for now is to strip her down to bare wood inside & out. Replace any rotted pieces, then work over the bottom.