Month: January 2018

Naida Survey & Sea Trial

Well its, official! The seller accepted my offer, pending a survey. We eagerly schedued the survey for January and bought plane tickets to attend.  On January 4th 2018 Naida was hauled out for pre-purchase survey & inspection at Swantown Marina & Boatworks in Olympia WA.  Wayne of Flow Design inc. was the surveyor, and he did a phenomenal job.  He went through every inch of the yacht, tapped out the decks, topsides, and hull.  Only two minor soft spots were found, neither were relevant structurally.

Wayne tapping away with his trusty mallet

After tapping out the hull, we removed six fasteners in various locations to determine the condition of the planking.  Clean, corrosion free fasteners mean that the hull is tight with minimal water intrusion. Corroded, broken, or weak fasteners would lead to the assumption that the planks and stringers are compromised. 

Well, as luck would have it, Naida’s hull and planks appear to be just as solid internally as they appear to be on the outside!  Six fasteners were removed, two from amidships near the garboard, two near the bow, and two near the transom.  All came out clean.

Not only did this confirm that the planks and stringers are in good condition, it also appears that Naida was refastened at some point with additional fasteners.  More proof of her caring and meticulous owners over the years.

Dennis (Previous Owner) & Wayne (Surveyor) remove some fasteners
Not bad for 83 years underwater!

After re-installing fastners, tapping in new plugs, and applying some fresh bottom paint over the fasteners Naida was splashed for sea trial and the return trip to it’s boat house at Olympia Yacht Club.

After launch we boarded and prepared to fire up the twin 1949 Chrysler M-8 Royal engines, these are straight 8 engines that the previous owner replaced in 2015. Each engine produces roughly 135 HP, and is cooled via a keel cooler system which has minimized damage from saltwater.

For engines that are pushing 69 years old, they fired right up and ran extremely smooth. After backing off the dock and idling out of the marina we opened her up and the twin straight 8s stretched their legs.  At 1750rpm she moves along nicely at almost 8knts, both the noise level in the main cabin and on the aft deck is surprisingly quiet. In the video below the water moving past the hull is louder than the exhaust at speed.

All in all Naida is in remarkable condition for her age, obviously her string of owners has cared well for this boat.  No doubt being in a boat house for the last 20+ years has helped preserve her teak decks and brightwork.  After the survey I had a small laundry list of work, including having a bottom job done before she is shipped to Chicago.  If all goes according to plan she will be picked up on Jan 31st and arrive in Chicago sometime during the first week of February. We are eagerly awaiting her arrival here in Chicago, she will be promptly launched into the Chicago River upon arrival.