Month: December 2017

Grebe Shipbuilding

Henry C. Grebe & Company was the successor to Great Lakes Boat Building, which had started in Milwaukee in 1915 and moved to Chicago in 1921.

Grebe was a brand that was known for it’s quality design and craftsmanship, they built everything from power yachts, to schooners, and even minesweepers.  Their yard was located on the west side of the river, just north of Belmont Ave, at the time an amusement park called Riverview Park was located across the river.  The site that Grebe once called home has since been converted into a condo development.

Grebe built their last boat in 1970, after which they remained open as a service and storage facility until 1994. 

During WWII Grebe built several types of military ships, the most common being minesweepers.  Their wood hulls were ideal for trolling minefields and neutralizing mines.

What the Grebe Shipyard looks like today.